Environmental Medicine

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Training in environmental medicine – fall 2011

Autonomic Response Testing and Mental Field Therapy by Dr. Kling Hard, with Jürgen and Gudrun Bayer.
This module consists of two basic courses, merged into a five-day course.

  • Mental Field Therapy (MFT1): 5-06.10.2011
  • Testing and detoxification (ART1): 7-09.10.2011
  • Location: Syverud Road 126 at Aarungen in Ås, Norway

    Already in August, we started our new training of environmental medicine. It was a great success and we will definately continue with this program.We will repeat the basic course in the first week of October, so more people are welcome to participate, and we will continue later with the next course the MFT (Mental-FieldTherapy). Lyskinesiologi and work with light is emerging as an important tool, both for testing and treatment, and  can be a weapon against todays health challenges, such as the the synergy effect of toxins, chronic infections and electromagnetic loads.