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Good morning BALDRON communitySome lines of personal greeting from Raphael to all his friends, some lines of personal greeting from Marianne to all her friends, some lines of personal greeting from Raphael to all his friends, some lines of personal greeting from Marianne to all her friends, some lines of personal greeting from Raphael to all his friend, some lines of personal greeting from Marianne to all her friends, some lines of personal greeting from Raphael to all his friennds, some lines of personal greeting from Marianne to all her friends,


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New scientiffic impulses to heal uncurable deseases

The Keshe foundation, that made headlines equipping the Iranian military with antigravity propulsion for defensive purposes, is about to release some essential solutions to deseases which are believed by school medicine to be not curable. According to the statements of the Keshe foundation ALS, Cancer, Coma, Epilepsy, Fibromialgya, Multiple sclerosis and COPD can be cured with the help of the foundations discoveries. Being into develpement of space travel, it was natural to think about alternative medical solutions for astronauts during longer travels. Thus the keshe foundation utilised their knowledge abaut magnetic and gravitational field effects to develop a new type of medicine that works through the basic field effects leading to the self organisation of the cells of the human body. Allthough the scientiffic proof of the potential of the new health application is still anecdotic it’s worth seeing the interviews with the seccessfull treated patients on the foundations website. Check to get an idea of what might be released to mankind on the 20th of September this year, when the foundation plans to put their knowledge public domain.

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Desert Greening explained and reality

One of the most astonishing lectures from our 2012 Water Symposium. Harald Kautz-Vella talking about the Desert Grenning Project in Algeria explaining cloudbusting in terms of normal physics.

Watch Part I with a brief description of the project running since 2004.


Part II with the scientiffic explaination how it works.


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10 – 12  August 2012

The year 2012 is a symbol of great change in space and time. On one side there are dramatic events shocking the society as well as the biosphere of the planet. Yet there are also fantastic possibilities of peace and beauty kept safe in the seeds of the future. Where are the seeds of future in the area of the upper Oslo Fjorden? How can the new structure of space and time be experienced in the given landscape? Which are traumas in the given landscape that prevent the new to fluorish? The workshop can not give definite answers but can offer possibilities of being envolved in the enfoldment of the future.

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Sommerkurs ART testing og avgifting

  • Testing og avgiftning (ART1):   14.8. – 16.8.12

  • Psycho Kinesiologi (PK1):    17.8. – 19.8.12

Lyskinesiologi og arbeid med lys vokser fram som et viktig redskap, både til testing og behandling, ikke minst med tanke på vår tids helseutfordringer knyttet til synergien av toksiner, kroniske infeksjoner og elektromagnetisk belastning. Vi introduserer den prisbelønnete metoden ART (regulasjonsdiagnostikk / Autonomic repsonste testing)  til Skandinavia – i tett samarbeid med Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt, “Physician of the Year” for komplementærmedisn.

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Health News

Latest Report from Jane Burgermeister

New fake Pandemia forcasted – read this twice before accepting vaccinations. Read more »


Mercury poisoning from Amalgam & Vaccines and Autism & ADHS are showing exactly the same symptoms

Does anyone start drawing conclusions? Read more »


1800 MHz mobile radiation proven to damage Mitochondrial DNA

If mitochondrial DNA is the weekest spot and the first to be damaged – what does a mobile do with the just forming reproductive organs of female embryos? Do we create an infertile next generation? Read more »


International News

What is happening in Syria?

According to mainstreem media there is a arabic spring civil unrest going on in Syria that is heavily supressed by the Assad regime. According to alternative Media it is an attack of foreign Al Kaida troops and merchanaries acting on behalf of the NATO. Read more » Watch movie »


Riddle of the radiation sweeping across Europe: UN nuclear agency mystified by soaring levels

For the last two weeks all over Europe measurements of radioactive Iodine were significantly rising. The possible sources for this new peak in radiation announced by the responsible authorities ranged from accusing the 2.400 stars of the tarantula nebula for heaving intense gamma bursts (which would explain gamma radiation but not the presence of Iodine in the atmosphere, releasing alpha radiation), some believed it was a result of excretion by patients undergoing medical treatment, or being an unintended pollution from sites producing radiopharmaca – being equally distributed all over Europe. Funny that all the authorities explicitly exclude the Fukushima plant as being a possible source, well knowing that there are up to 1.800 tons of partly melted down or badly stored nuclear fuel rods exposed to the atmosphere in the destructed buildings.

Read this real life comedy here or simply get a gamma scout for yourself.

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