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Here is a list of various lectures and other downloads from Water 2012.

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Dialog Forum Presentations









Liv Arnesen



Polar explorer and director of an international educational mission with 6 women from 6 continents of the 7th – Antarctica; BAE Water Access 2012

-The future of water – on 7 continents.
-Youth for water: Enthusiasm and responsibility.







Dr. Vahan Babajan



Physicist – from the university in Moscow, lecturer at University College, Haugesund, Waldorf educator and more.

-Water, light and energy.
– The phenomenon of flow – the human being and water.







Thomas Chochola


Engineer, jazz musician, inventor and founder of Tc-Energy Design – known for improving water quality carafes and fountains, Alt-Nagelberg, Austria.

– Scientific and esoteric approaches.
– Musical improvisations of the water signs.









Ulrich Kurt Dierssen




Engineer, construction biologist??, accredited mold specialist – while pioneer in geomanti and sacred landscapes by launching the world’s first school for geomanti; author and health coach, Ammersee / Germany

– Water and sacred landscapes: Feng Shui and geomanti.

Presentation (German):









Dr. Artur Granstedt



Researcher at The Biodynamic Institute, and at the EU project «Assessment of the Baltic Sea ecosystem.» Järna/Sweden.

(Exhibits material, but is not personally present)

Beras lecture on – «Saving the Baltic Sea»




Berthold Heusel



Berthold Heusel: Freelance researcher, former coordinator of «The World in a drop» -project at the institute for Space Research/Prof. Kröplin, Stuttgart / Germany.

– Crystal forms in water as an expression of water quality.

Presentations  (German):









Harald Kautz Vella (Web page in German. )

Translated into English using the automatic Google translate:








Pamela Hiley


Head of the Norwegian Taiji Centre, experienced network-builder, international peace worker and pioneer of spirituality in politics, economy.


– Taiji: the power of water in motion
– Water amongst the five elements






Wilhelm Höfer



Veterinary and «heil-practioner», Überlingen/Germany

– Imaging methods in water. Quality analysiz.
– Water in natural medicine and veterinary practice.


Presentation (Norwegian):








Ralph Raphael Kleimann


Educator and therapist, founder of BALDRON and experienced network-builder.

-Purification and vitalization of water.

Presentation (Norwegian): 






Sylvio Lachmann



Engineer, optometrist, therapist and inventor, Saxony / Germany.

– The heart and the water – unexpected contections between research and therapy.
– Water-veins and blood-circulation.









Alexander Lauterwasser



Photographer and world renowned developer of water-sound-visual method. Überlingen / Germany.

-Forms in flow: Water memory for frequencies.
– Dynamic-tone images of water in motion.

Contributes with a film, exhibition and materials, but is not attending personally.





Dr. Walter Medinger


Chemist, Quantum physicist and former advisor for the Czech government. Internationally recognized developer of methods for measuring bio-effective low-energy phenomena. Krenz/Austria.

– EMF and assessment of water quality.
– Interactions between electromagnetic waves and biological systems.
– Biophysical electromagnetic compatibility and water quality.


Presentations (German):








Audun Myskja



Doctor and scientist, known among other things, for his work with people and music, the use of flower essences as support-treatment and author of numerous books. Audun Myskja is the founder of the Center for life-support or has developed Enhets-therapy as therapeutic method. Ski/Norway

– Water and music
– Flow in our consciousness





Trude Malthe Thomassen

Activist for civil rights, founder of Water Movement / the Norwegian NGO Group for the protection of water as a resource that belongs to the people. Sandefjord / Norway

– Water as common property

Link to Trudes’s presentation before the movie 2012: Time for a Change held by Oslo Spiritual Film Club.



Prof. Berit Ås

Social Psychologist, former vice chairman of the Socialist Party, and founder of the former Nordic Women University, Oslo / Norway.

– Water, health and human rights
– A historical perspective, a Norwegian perspective and a global perspective.



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