Incorporating Ritalin Heroes

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Sometimes things randomly coincide with each other revealing unexpected coherencies – like checking the latest news about Syria, researching on mercury poisoning through vaccines and watching ”The Mechanic” with “Transporter” star Jason Statham in the late evening. ”Nothing to do with each other” you would say. I’ll start in the evening. The first thing that came up to my mind watching “The Mechanic” was that Statham really delivers a new hero archetype.

Remember Rambo screaming, showing his distorted faces, or Schwarzeneggers frozen bitterness while massacring, Bruce Willis had a little bit of Statham’s smile, however he always found his emotions at the end – no, Statham smiles all way through, only slightly, not that you would sense joy with what he does, no matter what he does, almost Buddha like.

During the day I followed up research linking ADS, ADHS and autism to mercury poisoning. Kind of made sense, knowing that the symptoms are identically and the amount of mercury injected into an average child following the advised procedure with vaccines during the first week already exceeds the critical value for adults with 28,5 µg per kg & week by the factor of 8. If you have children of your own you know the number of follow up vaccinations that are mandatory, what you might not know is that mercury is not catabolised but sums up in the tissue for lifetime. ADS and ADHS i.e. mercury poisoning normally is treated with Ritalin, calming the children down, buffering their uncontrollable emotional patterns to something the doctors call the zombie effect.
Anyway, I was watching Statham in “The Mechanic” being a hitman working for the CIA, thinking: “hey, this guy is on Ritalin”. Once being on youtube enjoying the unregulated access to pirate ware one has in Norway I got stuck with “The Expendables”, also mercenaries paid by the US Government for the dirty work the army wouldn’t do. Funny crew: Jason Statham, Sylvester Stallone, Jet Li, Dolph Lundgreen, Andy Roberts, Randy Couture, all on Ritalin massacring hundreds and hundreds of people with or without tactical or strategic reason –being proud on heaving done a good job. Mercenaries.
To find out what it might have felt like doing all this I again tried to check the effects of Ritalin, getting into the controversy between experts, so I left and visited a forum where Ritalin kids talk about their experiences.
“At the beginning I got scared, I really felt like a zombie. Scared also because feeling like this made me grab the next tablet. But I also was relieved not having to go through these emotional flashes every half hour, whether its positive or negative, this was way to extreme. Now, after a few month, I some of the days feel just dump, don’t have access to myself, or my emotions. Maybe it resembles your experience being disconnected from the world.”
“Most of the time I experience myself as cold, can’t think and speak properly.”
“I wouldn’t call it emotionally cold what is happening with me, I just don’t burst out in tears when I see a dead cat on the street.”
“With being cold I mean something specific, hard to explain, it’s less about joy or pain, it concerns the ability to be empathically connected with the world.”
This all reminded me of a short youtube I had seen in the morning. Shot by a Russian female journalist who managed to get into one of the Syrian villages that had been freed by the rebels. People were shy to give interviews, turned away from the camera telling their stories: how the foreign mercenaries came into the village, gathered the Muslim young man giving them the choice to either massacre the Christians and Alevites for a good pay or having their own women and children massacred by the mercenaries. Of cause, both paths were chosen, so both happened, leaving losses of live on every corner being claimed to be victims of the Assad regime.
If this doesn’t sound real check the latest strategy papers on asymmetric warfare published by the US military think tanks. It’s all in the papers. If this sounds to cruel to be true, that’s how Fashism always protected itself from being apprehended. By being to cruel to be true.
Is this the way they create their zombie armies? Mandatory mercury poisoning through vaccinations, prescribed treatment with Ritalin, and then – no, the US army doesn’t except young man who have been on Ritalin in early age, being too dangerous they say. So we need Hollywood to create a new hero archetype to identify with. The Buddha like mercenary – and here we go with ex blackwater and all the other private ones employing zombies on Ritalin. Here we go to Iraq, to Afghanistan, to Libya and to Syria.
Just kidding. Never put one and one together. Never think by yourself. Because thinking might take you into conspiracy circles – madness – and then they will give you medication. Ups! Sorry, that’s the next step. Coming later.


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