Water Festival 2012

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Dancing Drops a journey of sounds and presence, improvisations and soundscapes at Jakob Kulturkirke.

Water inspires, animates, refreshes and nourish us. Water Festival is an artistic finish to WATER 2012, for us to create space of sounding experience and inspiration, with the water-bearing impulse. Water is vital to everyone, and it is the very life-giver and source, a bubbling, vibrant, moving element within us and around us.

We invite you to a performance related to the water in the words & tones. With:
Øystein Sevåg, Benedicte Market and Zotora, along with Steiner School girls’ choir,a surprise guest, storyteller Ellen Gjerstad and medical and musical inspiration Audun Myskja.

Tickets can be purchased at the door or through www.billettservice.no at this link.

Location: Jakob Culture Church
Time: Sunday 25th March at 14-17.

The water has always been sacred, a source of life and wisdom. Water Festival takes in this dimension in an artistic and spiritual framework; Water is life – life in a dancing drop…


Download the Water Festival DANCING DROPS pdf poster. (Right click and Save Link As)

The Program

Dancing drops

Part I

 A journey in sound and presence, improvisations and soundscapes.


Øystein Sevåg

Benedicte Torget


– Break –

Part II

Just water?

Snapshots from the symposium

with organizer

There’s something in the air

Steiner School girls choir

 A surprise guest

Paradise water

A Sufi story

Ellen Jerstad

Claire du Lune

Marjorie Taliano & Jie Zhong

The human sound

Audun Myskja

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