Water Symposium 2012

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The World in a drop – a science symposium about water at DogA

On the occasion of UN’s International Water Day on 22 March and the European water year 2012, together physicists and engineers, biologists, chemists, inventors, doctors and veterinarians hope to make a diagnosis based on research of the future’s most important resource. Polar explorer Liv Arnesen will present the global project Access Water2012, physician and researcher Audun Myskja will occur together with the international water scientists from Germany, Austria and Sweden.

The event is dedicated to Arne Næss, who is a model for the hope to create linksbetween research and people wonder and science.

Location: DogA
Time: Fredag 23.mars kl10 to Sunday 25. mars kl13.

The program is further down on the page.


 Download THE WORLD IN A DROP pdf poster. (Right click and Save Link As)

The Program:

Download the pdf version of the full 4 day long Water Symposium program. (Right click and choose Save Link As..)


Three days, tree themes.

The symposium runs for three days, through three stages.

  1. «Wonder»            (Friday):         New science about water.
  2. «Solutions»         (Saturday):     Water in the world, everyday water.
  3. «Visions»             (Sunday):       The future of water.


Three steps:

Each of the days (Friday to Sunday) are in three steps:

  1. Morning:    Specialization.
  2. Afternoon:  Experience and dialog.
  3. Evening:      Perpsectives


Friday 23.03.  The unknown element? New science about water.

Check in from 9.30am.


  1. A.    Kl 10:00-13:00


  • 10:00  Ralph Raphael Kleimann: Opening remarks.
  • 10:30  Ida Elisabeth Hvoslef: Greeting from Oslo Elveforum (river forum).
  • 10:45  Pamela Hiley: TaiJi – movement in the sign of the water.
  • 11:00 Walter Medinger – lecture: Understand water; the biophysical foundation.
  • 12:00  Willi Höfer & Berthold Heusel – demonstration with slides: The world in a drop; Crystal images that express the water quality.


13:00 – 14:30 Lunch (At DogA and in the area)



14:00 – 14:30 TaiJi with Pamela Hiley


  1. B.    Kl 14:30-18:00


  • 14:30 Alexander Lauterwasser – film: Dancing drops.
  • 14:45 Sylvio Lachmann – lecture: Medical perspective: Water and heart rhythm.


16:00 – 16:30:  Break.


  • 16:30: Impuls presentations (short notes and spontaneous ideas).
  • 17:00  Workshops with all contributors:

1. The memory of water – biophysical evidence for homeopathy and other types of energy medicine. (In German and Norwegian).
2. The Water language – drop, flow and vortex. Approaches through science, art and movement (in Norwegian and English).
3. Tour of the flow lab Elvebakken High School.


18:00 – 19:00 Dinner


  1. C.     Kl 19:00-21:00


  • 19:00 Walter Medinger & Thomas Chochola – lecture with slides and music: «Life in a drop»
  • 20:15 Harald Kautz-Vella- lecture: Water from heaven; scientific evidence for transdimensional quality of water.

Saturday  24.03. Water in the world, everyday water.

Practical perspectives.

9:30: Together we start the day with TaiJi with Pamela Hiley.


  1. A.    Kl 10:00-13:00


  • 10:00 Asle Bjørnerud – demo (outside): Vortex and information transmission in biodynamic products. 
  • 10:30 Raphael Kleimann – introduction to todays theme: Purification  and vitalization of water; basis and use.
  • 11:00 Liv Arnesen – lecture: Access WATER 2012; a global campaign for drinking water.
  • 12:00 Harald Kautz-Vella- lecture: Speaking ORGON. Wilhelm Reichs concepts of life energy and weather harmonization by scalar electrodynamics.


13:00 – 14:30 Lunch (at DogA and in the area)



14:00 – 14:30 TaiJi with Pamela Hiley

Alternative: Common practice with  Asle Bjørnerud (outside): we spread the device that was earlier used.


  1. B.    Kl 14:30-18:00


  • 14:30 Walter Medinger – lecture: Water and electromagnetism; danger and risk.
  • 15:00 Ulrich Kurt Dierssen – lecture: Water and sacred landscapes, Feng Shui and geomanti.


16:00 – 16:30:  Break


  • 16:30: Impuls presentations.
  • 17:00  Workshops:

1. Vitality of water (in English).
2. The water, climate and politics (in Norwegian and English).
3. Water and therapy (in Norwegian).


18:00 – 19:00 Dinner.


  1. C.     Kl 19:00-21:00


  • 19:00 Alexander Lauterwasser – film: Dancing drops.
  • 19:30 Audun Myskja & Vahan Babayan – lecture: Water, light and the human being; physics, medicine and consciousness.

Sunday 25.03. The big picture. The future of water.


9:30: Together we start the day with TaiJi with Pamela Hiley.


  1. A.    Kl 10:00-13:00


  • 10:00 Raphael Kleimann – Opening remarks to todays theme: The future of water – the big picture.
  • 10:15 Vahan Babayan: The phenomenon of flow. The water, human and future energy issues.
11:30 – 11:45  Break
  • 11:45 Final debate, introduction by Vahan Babayan: Water, energy and human.

Summary, reflections and conversation.

The road to El-Symposium 18.-21.10.2012 and Water2012.

13:00 – 14:30 Lunch (in DogA and in the area)


  1. B.    Kl 14:00-17:00


Water festival at Kulturkirken Jakob

(se separate program)



  1. C.     Kl 17:00-18:00

A ritual for and with the water at Akerselva – with musicians and ambassadors from various indigenous people.



Featuring among others:


Liv Arnesen, polar explorer and director of an international educational mission with 6 women from 6 continents traveling to the 7th – Antarctica: Access Water2012.


Dr. Vahan Babayan (Physicist – from the university in Moscow, lecturer at University College, Haugesund mm)


Thomas Chochola (Musician, inventor and founder of Tc-Energy Design – known for improving water quality carafes and fountains, Alt-Nagelberg, Austria)


– Music and water quality: scientific and esoteric approaches

– Musical improvisations of the water signs


Ulrich Kurt Dierssen

Engineer, building biologist, öffentlich anerkannteer Schimme, byggbiolog, specialist for mould – and at the same time a pioneer for geomancy and sacred landscape.  Author and health coach; Ammersee / Germany


–       Water and sacred landscape: Feng Shui and geomancy

–       Innovative methods for testing of water quality



Dr. Arthur Gransted, Researcher at the biodynamic Institute and the EU project «Assessment of the Baltic Sea ecosystem.» Järna / Sweden.
www.jdb.se / beras
EU-BERAS project: Evaluate and support endangered marine ecosystems: the Baltic Sea
(Helps with exhibits and materials. Is not personally attending)



Berthold Heusel (Freelance researcher, former coordinator of «The World in a drop» – the project at the institute for Space Research / Prof. Kröplin, Stuttgart / Germany)


–       Crystal forms in water as an expression of water quality



Pamela Hiley, Head of the Norwegian Taiji Centre, many years of network building and international peace work (a.o. in cooperation with the Nobel Peace Center in Oslo)  and pioneer for spirituality in politics, and economy.

– Taiji: Water Power in motion
– Water: one of the five elements


Dr. Wilhelm Höfer (Veterinary and full practioner, Überlingen/Germany)


– Imaging methods in water. Quality analysiz

– Water in natural medicine and veterinary practice



Ralph Raphael Kleimann educator and therapist, founder of BALDRON and initiator of a.o. Wireless Humanity conference and trainings in Klinghardt-environmental medicine.




Sylvio Lachmann (engineer, optometrist, therapist and inventor, Saxony / Germany)
– The heart and the water – unexpected contexts of research and therapy
– Water Rowing and circulation



Alexander Lauterwasser, Photographer and world renowned developer of water-sound-visual method. Überlingen / Germany.
– Dynamic-tone images of water in motion
– Water and music: pictures of water in movement
(Helps with film, exhibition and materials. Is not personally attending)



Dr. Walter Medinger (Chemist, Quantum physicist and Internationally recognized developer of methods for measuring bio-effective low-energy phenomena. Krenz/Austria)


– EMF and assessment of water quality

– Interactions between electromagnetic waves and biological systems

– Biophysical electromagnetic compatibility and water quality



Dr. Audun Myskja, doctor and scientist, known among other things, for his work with people and music, the use of flower essences to support treatment and as author of numerous books. Audun Myskja is the founder of the Center for life-support or have developed device therapy as therapeutic method.



Trude Malthe Thomassen, activist for civil rights, founder of Water Movement / the Norwegian NGO Group for the protection of water as a resource that belongs to the people. Sandefjord / Norway
– Water as a common property

Prof. Berit Ås, Social Psychologist, vice chairman of the Socialist Party, and founder of the former Nordic Women University, Oslo / Norway.
– Water as common property
– A historical perspective, a Norwegian perspective and a global perspective

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