Open discussion: AVAAZ and virtual clicktivism vs. local grassroot and real action?

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On the occasion of our last newsletter raising questions about who «owns» campaigns like the one against bee  kiling pesticides

we wrote: This is an occasion to celebrate a partial victory – to ask even more about bee-killing radiation from mobile phones and HAARP; and to stay wide awake as to  «who and what moves the world». Is it really AVAAZ who «won the battle»? Below you find some brandnew well-researched critical voices… a.o.   on the secrecies behind AVAAZ (who claims that they have made the change);  an interview where avaaz does NOT answer the important questions (auf deutsch, sorry); and a Guardian article on «clicktivism».

We invite you to make up your own opinion by studying the links below, do your own research – and in the meantime: Engage with real people, in local initiatives as the ones we are featuring in this newsletter. Make the grassroot grow….

Here are some interesting resources and opinions :

Interview with the German AVAAZ leader – leaving many questions open; f.ex. who decides on which campaigns are selcted for the big public and why they are bombarding us with campagns aginst the Syrian government – even though the the grassroot never voted for it .

a cover up from a german magazine:

an article on Avaaz from a conservative Israeli viewpoint

Left-side german ctitique:

…fell free to send us other serious ressources!