Polly Higgins: A Voice for the Earth! – møt «Jordens advokat» hos Baldrons Fellesstand på Alternativmessen søndag 24.11.

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Vi er glade og stolte over å ha en meget spesiell gjest på vår felles stand på Den Store Alternativmessen 24.11. på Lillestrøm

Polly Higgins – ‘one of the top 10 visionary thinkers of the world’!

Foredrag: kl 15, rom 15

Polly_HigginsPolly Higgins, Lawyer for the Earth and Advocate for Peace, has been hailed as ‘one of the top 10 visionary thinkers of the world’ and the Planet’s Lawyer for her work advocating a law of Ecocide, the 5th Crime Against Peace.

Ecocide is the mass damage, destruction to or loss of ecosystems. Polly says: «when we come from a place of deep care, we become as one with our Earth. Planetary harm is our harm. Once we have that knowledge we can face the shadow self and give it name. Only then does the healing begin.»

Polly is a UK based barrister and award-winning author of ‘Eradicating Ecocide’, and is currently in Oslo until the end of November as the Arne Naess Chair at Oslo University. She has advised Ministers of State, Ambassadors and government lawyers from 54 countries in the past year, after she was invited to submit a Concept Paper on implementation of the law of Ecocide by 2020. The Concept Paper has now been received by all governments. Polly has proposed that the law of Ecocide be given a 5 year transition to allow the global economy to radically transform into a global commons.

Don’t miss this opportunity to come and meet this amazing woman and ask her all the questions you might have in mind!

So many of us have been working in the dark to make things better for the planet, making everyday choices in the way we eat, the way we live, one little action at a time. Everywhere people are getting together, voicing their concern for the environment, proposing concrete solutions for a more sustainable, earth-friendly way of living. All we need is somebody to speak up for all of us, to connect the millions of dots of this huge network, to build a bridge between us and the governments. Polly Higgins seems to have all it takes to be that person!