Beyond money? – Event update: Andreas Meyer in Oslo & Berlin etc.

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Beyond money? – Event update: Andreas Meyer in Oslo & Berlin etc. etc.


Running a business and eight clinics at the same time is a wonderful way of learning about both the value and the shortcomings of money. Out of the manufacturing, distribution, import, and currency rate results we develop a fair price which we then communicate to you, our customers.


At this very moment, it is painful period for Norwegians to feel the effects of the Norwegian crown losing ground against the dollar and euro. There are some advantages of this shift in regards to the export of products, for example our Baldron MistleTree Essences.


Our services of treating our clients on the service side of Baldron is a different story altogether. You do it because you feel urged to help, it can even give you great joy to see others get healthy and grow. What a blessing to experience the «before and after» experiences our clients share with us on a daily basis! Money is such a foreign element in this context. Wouldn’t there be other, more appropriate ways of «energy exchange»?


This newsletter has a featured article on money the way it is supposed to be (sovereign money etc.) and some ways it could transform (crypto currencies like Ethereum and OneCoin).


For a moderate entrance fee, this winter and spring you can participate in our largest event program ever which includes international trainings in ART and spiritual beekeeping and a flower essence lecture in Bucharest.


In this newsletter, we would also like to bring attention to a few conferences of friends and partners, like the groundbreaking meditation research conference in Berlin with Andreas Meyer and of course «Beyond Money» in Oslo next week.

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