TIPS: Retreat Genezareth; Dorian & Antje Schmidt @ Lake genezareth
mai 27@10:00-jun 3@12:00

Retreat Genezareth

 jente med sommerfugl

Antje und Dorian Schmidt bieten Ende Mai 2016 eine Meditative Reise nach Israel an:


Stille Woche am See Genezareth mit Bildekräfteforschung


Wandern und meditieren in Galiläa, Ruhe am heilkräftigen See Genezareth


mit Antje und Dorian Schmidt,, 036425-52814


Fr. 27.5. – Fr. 3.6.16, Anmeldung bis Ende Februar, Programm auf Anfrage


1400,-€ bei 20 Teilnehmern; 1500,-€ bei 15 Teilnehmern, kleinere Reisegruppe nach Absprache


Med Antje og Dorian Schmidt, Jena (Tyskland) – spesialister på «Bildekräfteforschung»

Arrangør: Antje Schmidt

Sted: Genezareth, Israel


Tips: Summercamp Iona @ Iona
jul 9-jul 15 heldags


The Essentials:


Thursday 9th of July until Wednesday 15th of July 2016


The Leob Croft and Iona, Scotland

Cost: about £ 400 inkl. camp site, food, courses


Whats it about?

Past and Future of a holy and powerful place that is strongly related to the goethean approach to nature and the modern path of spiritual science by Rudolf Steiner.

Hiking. Observing. Practicing. Painting. Singing. Laughing. Searching. Listening…

Who`s comming?

About 100 people on a camp site on the Ross of Mull and Iona.

If for Iona enthusiast from Iona enthusiasts. Everyone is welcome. But please note: its very outdoor based. Any weather is good weather.

If you would like to rent a holday cottage for the week or a room (shred or single) please get in contact with us. We can provide you with helpfull information. Holiday Corage or B&B accomodation will be not included in the conference fee.


  • sharing ideals and visions for a responsible mankind
  • connection with earth
  • experiencing earth
  • understanding past, present and future of a spiritual impulse
  • together we will open up a path towards uniting man with nature as a spiritual unity regarding our individuality, our hearts and actions

You cant get enough?

Afterwards there will be a week of traveling to powerful places in Scotland, England and Wales together with Dirk Kruse, Renatus Derbidge and others in a smaller group.

What now?

You want to participate?

We need people to join for the preparations, funding and all sorts of organisations. Please help, share and contact for more information or use the comment section below.

We like transparency:

Scroll through our vision document to learn more about the background, plans and visions about the conference: from first idea, via the program and the budget to the wider picture of the cultural and historical background but also its current and relevant meaning for today’s society.



Looking for Nature. Seeing and Sensing the Spiritual in Nature Observation

Rudolf Steiner talks of two different “streams” of science. One came about with the modern age and Cartesian thinking, empiricism and materialism as its consequence, the science we have today. The other stream, says Steiner, is mainly hidden today. It’s origin can be found in the Hibernian Mysteries, and it’s traces can still be sensed at Iona. These mysteries were open for the Christ-Impulse and integrated Christianity. A loving way of looking at nature has its origins in the far west of Europe. Caring about the earth and healing what we see and touch was brought together with an ancient spirituality fusing into what we now can call: seeing and sensing the spiritual in nature through nature observation. A path to higher knowledge lies ahead which integrates nature- a monism where the spiritual beings become assessable not in an anonymous transcendent, but in a very present and actual appearance, not beyond our eyes, but within our sight. A special path very close to the Goethean approach and Steiner‘s Anthroposophy- understood as the modern resurrection of the “hidden stream”.

Within the conference we would like to learn to understand and start to experience this way of looking at the world by connecting with the past in very powerful places- the Isle of Mull and Iona (Scotland) where certain origins of Anthroposophy still can be felt and found through active study of nature, accompanied by observations, meditations and life-filled thinking, but mainly in practice (being outside, doing things, observations, reflecting on what we do).

Every Phenomena has its spiritual side which is leading us to what it wants to tell us- its being, as a sensual-supernatural state. We would like to learn to listen to natures roamings by being present and building skills- since this is a necessary ability for a friendly and non evasive approach to the living, mental and spiritual worlds in nature and our social life, something essential for the future.

When: In mid of July for 1 week (6 Days in total): Thursday 14th to Wednesday 20th July 2016.
Who: 75 “young” people of any age, starting 17,18, target group 20-35, but it’s open for any age.
Where: Base camp (camping with own tents) at the Leebcroft meadows at Jonathan Knights place. It’s about 8 miles to Iona, near a bus station and next to the seashore. (see:
How: During the day we are separated into different course and study groups lead by certain people with certain themes. Groups will go to Iona and other places near by and stay there during the day. Participants can choose a group. The groups will do continuous work so everyone needs to decide to which group they want to enroll. It’s going to be very outdoor based. Almost no lectures, main focus on study, experience, observations, meditation, shared activities, social skills.

Courses might be:
Group I: Nature observation as a path to spiritual knowledge, focus on nature and thinking (Hans-Christian Zehnter)
Group II: Nature Spirits and the experiencing the past of places in imagination, inspiration and intuition (Dirk Kruse)
Group III: Nature observation with artistic and meditational aspects regarding the “genius loci” (Renatus Derbidge)
Group IV: Iona and the esoteric Christianity and Goethean Science (Margaret Culquhoun?)
Group V: Healing Plants (Katherine Buchanan)
Group VI: History and Story Telling (Peter Snow?)
Group VII: Painting and Drawing (Charles Blockey?)
Group VIII: Speech and Drama (Richard Ramsbotham?)

Every day there will be a cooking and cleaning up group (different people every day) that will stay at the camp site.

14th July    15th    16th    17th    18th    19th    20th
7:00-7:45        Meditation time    Meditation time    Meditation time    Meditation time    Meditation time    Meditation time
8:00 – 8:45         Breakfast
9:00 – 9:30         Speech and Drama    Climbing Ben More    Speech and Drama    Packing and cleaning up the campsite
9:30 – 13:00         Groups I – VIII    Groups I – VIII    (all together)    Groups I – VIII    Preparing the presentations
Midday break         (Wherever you are, in the groups)         (wherever you are, in the groups)    Light meal at campsite

14:30 – 17:30    Arriving, setting up the tent    Groups I – VIII    Groups I – VIII         Groups I – VIII    Presentations
18:00    Information and Enrolment to courses    Meditation time    Meditation time         Meditation time
18:30         Supper (warm meal)
20:00    Opening-Event
Perspectives:  (30 min)**    Perspectives:  (30 min)***    Open for    Perspectives:  (30 min)****    Farewell celebrations,
Artistic program
travel group leaving
Sharing the days experiences (world cafe)    Sharing the days experiences (world cafe)    individual plans and group activities    Sharing the days experiences (world cafe)
21:30    Getting to know each others “games”    Evening activities    Evening activities    Evening activities      Evening activities    Evening activities

Explanation to the program:
* Lecture theme: From the Hibernian Mysteries to Christianity, the Irish-Scottish Monks towards Goethean Science and Anthroposophy. History and Spirituality of our Time and it’s Connection to Nature and Earth. Speaker: tba.
Perspectives (or “opening up a perspective”?): short seminar like talks to share the main aspects of nature-experience. With the aim: to unite the group, to give a common methodological ground for the different experiences, reflecting, to prepare the mountain walk.
**: Aspects of “Letting Appear” (Hans-Christian Zehnter)
***: Astral and spiritual phenomena (preparation for mountain hike)
****: Phenomena of the Etheric (Renatus Derbidge)
No talking on the climbing day, i.e. only after and/or at certain moments. Dirk Kruse is leading the experience. Social aspects will be integrated.
The open afternoon (17th): Participants can propose activities. Questions and needs that came about can be looked at here. It’s also a time for inspirational walks and/or individual rest. It’s also time to thinks about and discuss a future meeting.

There will be an option to join a group traveling to different sights in Scotland, Wales and England afterwards (with Dirk Kruse and Renatus Derbidge, participation is limited)

Who are we?
The ideas about the summer camp arose in 2014 during a trip to Iona where Renatus Derbidge also met Jonathan Knight. The plans grew and the connection between goethean science, nature observation and modern monistic spirituality with Scotland and especially Iona became more and more apparent. The approach of “Anblick”, a community of scientists and artists connected with this way of looking into the world decided that they really want to make this happening. Since then, mainly Renatus Derbidge searched for possibilities, like cooperation’s with the youth section, the science section or the youth group of the anthroposophical society in the UK.

For now, the organization team consists of:
Alexandru Ceplinski, Dirk Kruse, Elizabeth Davison, Ioana Farcasanu, Jonathan Knight , Katherine Buchanan, Nana Woo, Renatus Derbidge

Information for course leaders:
The budget is tight. We cannot guarantee fees and compensations. We do though cover the costs of traveling and transportation to and back from the Isle of Mull (refunded after the conference to a maximum of € 200, receipts needed), as well as your costs during the conference (meals during conference) and housing (in shared apartments of 2-4 persons) on or nearby the leeb croft. If you need or want something else you’d have to organize and pay for it yourself.
Nevertheless, if we will gain a surplus (because of ticket sells and /or additional funding success) first, the surplus amount will be used to pay honorees (about € 200 – 350, in respect to individual agreements), second, if there are further financial means they will be shared equally among the course leaders and the organization team members (whereby “Anblick” and “the leeb croft” as the organizers will also count as persons). As planed, regarding the budget, we try hard to reach the goal of being able to pay that small amount.
Acceptance of course leaders, preparers to take over a role in the conference means approval to the above clause of the “terms and conditions” about compensations.

Next steps:
– Fundraising concept
– Finding a cook
– Hardware to be organized because they are not there yet. We would need to rent facilities i.e. Toilets, Showers); we would erect (a) marquee(s) or similar shelter for the cooking place and to eat if its raining (can be rented from the local community), cooking facilities, tables and benches.

Please note: The above is a draft that represents the current situation in the fluctuating organization and planning process. It does not represent the whole picture and underlies constant changes. Please use responsibly.

For more information see:
or contact: Renatus Derbidge <>

iona church         iona leebcroft