Inspiration Walk – Inspirasjonsvandring: Litt om metoden

„Inspirational walks“ as a sustainable „Presencing“



The „Inspirative walk“ has proved itself as a very helpful and central Presencing – method.   Although its development is still at the beginning, in its accomplishment we can make a wide range of experiences , both related to future images and forces related to conscious knowledge and differentiations between perception types, forces and beings.   The method has been developed by Dirk Kruse since many years (1) and is part in organizational development processes and year festival celebrations since 2000

Three key points consist in:

– Grasping the social organism out of the future

– Problem solving in the social

– Finding new impulses called by the social organism


It is the speciality at the Inspirational-Walk-Method that after a phase of clearing imagework, the developements and the questions here are brought into a very deep meditative and nature-based Presencing- and Knowledgeprocess from every single participant. Time – nature and loneliness-intensity is leading to an existential way of self-inserting into the Presencing. According to experience later in the group the results of the single person become assimilated – for example in decisionmaking processes – in as deeply dignified, meaningful and highly cherished perception-atmoshere.





Time-Experiencing-stages for walking connection with the inspirative world on a walk

It is important that we walk awake opened with permanently awareness – without wandering away from it. Then our consciousnessexperience will be that it is transforming and growing in special exact timesteps.


A summary description of these stages – in I – form:


1st Stage – “Polarity Human being – Nature”:

Around 20 minutes after leaving (exactly it’s experienceable 17 minute) , there comes up a great polarity between me and nature. Nature is powerful out there, in front of me. She is still panorama-like, though here and there, clearly marked with its own soul intensities. I am totally in my being and she is also an intimate own world for herself.

I walk freely, and I am asking myself what comes and I am open – but already directed – both to work, as well as to the perception of the natural environment.

Through observations and events (for ex. it may come up a deer or a duck) my soul immerses itself more and more, now and then, into the observed things.


2nd Stage – “Immersion in togetherness with Nature”:

Eventually – after about 40 minutes I experience quite clearly that my soul is now in a togethernes with nature. We, both, – Nature and I – are in a common substance, in a common soul space. And it’s almost as if we were listening to each other. But it is still a tension, an always-opening myself toward perception, and an astonishing always new opposition with nature in a common soul space.


3rd Stage – “Increasing intensity”:



4th Stage – “To be carried by nature”:


5th Stage – To be One: I am in the Surrounding :



Presencing is possible on different consciousness-levels


The perception- and experiencelevels oft he presencing can be differentiated exact in assoziative Thinking, Imagination, Inspiration or Intuition (4).


  1. Thoughtful-associative presencing: encounters, perceptions and moods in the landscape are connected with the questions, so new combinations of ideas are inspired       and executed.


  1. Imaginative presencing: The questions are carried into encounters, perceptions and emotions of the landscape in a way that thoughts and mental powers meet them kept open, so that in particular in the open etheric body and life forces of the questioner question-related perceptions or imaginations and truthful images form. Possibly the imaginations are experienced as the exterior aspect of a being’s essential presence.


  1. Inspirational presencing: Penetrating perceptions and imaginations mentioned in 2 their underlying psycho-spiritual origin is sensed with the question directed towards the encounters, perceptions and emotions carried into the landscape. Faculties of thought and psychic powers are opened towards the landscape, so that especially in the open soul – or astral forces of the questioner issue-related inspirations can “express” themselves. This means that to capture important exact ideas often needs new word formations to halfway adequately express them. “One knows exactly what it is, but does not have the right words for it!” Maybe one experiences to have taken a glimpse into the toughts of Beings present right then.


  1. Intuitive presencing: This resembles inspirations, with the difference that one feels like being situated in the innermost thoughts and maybe even of the beings themselves thinking these world thoughts, and thus be filled with the spiritual power of intention they have . It’s like a mighty sacred “being one”!




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