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Dear international friends!


This newsletter is focused on our shared contributions to the “green living and sustainable future”/”vision fare” – in Oslo this weekend. However, you may appreciate some of the exciting research news in English further down: bio photon realignment therapy and the new paradigm of light healing; the breakthrough of free energy in buoyancy devices that now have entered the market.

Good reading and keep in touch!

Marianne and Raphael


PS Mark the first week of August 2016 in your calendar. It will be the international colloquium and conference “meditation research/spiritual signs/empathic nature observation”. So long, seven researchers from four countries have agreed to contribute, including pioneers such as Dorian Schmidt, Dirk Kruse, Marius Gabor and Frank Burdich.



Nobel Prize for naturopathic medicine – or what?

We applaud Mrs. Youyou Tu and her colleagues for her research. And we smile – a little ironically.

Why the extraordinary healing properties of Artemisinin in are being recognized by the Nobel committee, Norwegian authorities continue prohibiting the import and use of the original, plant derived drug. Our friend Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt has researched, developed and successfully treated a.o. Lyme disease with his famous protocol involving artemisinin for many years! (See interview here, on, the world’s leading website for natural medicine)

Also, we should mention that the Bill Gates foundation has been systematically destroying all Artemesia plantations in Africa wherever it could get hold of them. For those “philanthropists”, the traditional herbal medicine is just an undesired competitor to their billion-dollar DDT and vaccination campaigns.


Research News:

How does radiation from mobilphones and WLAN etc. affect health? Finally, the underlying processes in the human (and animal) organism seem to become visible. Based on the recent breakthroughs, Prof. Hecht (Berlin) has asked the question: Is the distinction between ionizing and non-inonizing radation still meaningful?

The 21 page PDF in German can be downloaded her – along with a number of earlier research reports and other publications of the “Competence initative”. It is to be translated within the next few months. Some of the findings are contained in an earlier publication in English.



Edward Snowden has opened the eyes of a wider public for a fact which we have tried to make known since years: Smart-phones and mobile phones can be easily used for spying, even when they are turned off.

see the BBC interview here

Actually, as our dear Barrie Trower kept saying: Spying and surveillance has been a kay purpose in the deesign of mobile technology since the very beginning. As a former UK secret service agent and radiation weapon developer, he knows what he is talking about.

See some of his interviews here


Research on vaccination

Thanks to the newly established medical initiative „Fritt Vaksinevalg“ (Free choice on vaccination), Dr. Suzanne Humphries has held two eminent lectures in Oslo. What an upright, courageous person! Her competence is outstanding, her critical analysis of vaccination use in western countries so overwhelming that potential opponents – from Norwegian state agencies or from the pharmaceutical industry-paid research – did not even dare to show up…

Have a look at her website and her vaccination research website – it is amazing!

Find her book “Disssolving Illusions” here on amazon.



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