Wireless Humanity and the Body of Light

14/05/2018@11:00-12:30 Europe/Oslo Tidssone
Scandic Fornebu
Martin Linges vei 2
1364 Fornebu
International Light Association

Workshop med Raphael Kleimann på LIFE LIGHT konferansen! Se programmet HER

Workshop with Raphael Kleimann at the 15th Annual ILA Conference “LIFE LIGHT” in Oslo! See program HERE


Light-in-Action Session

Wireless Humanity and the Body of Light

Sensitivity as a Gift?

New findings in environmental medicine and light biology open a much deeper understanding of healing processes, with light-based self-regulation as the key to individual body-mind balancing. The vast practical implications can be understood and developed both in scientific/technical or intuitive terms: measurable increase of biophoton coherence and inner perception of light turn out to be two sides of the same reality. Building on practical experience in subtle energy work and the development of new healing modalities, Raphael Kleimann suggests methods which combine highly systematic testing with intuition and empathy – all carried by light as the agent for the therapeutic dialog. A special emphasis will be given to specific preparations of mistletoe – an extraordinary plant with numerous eccentricities in relation to light.

The session is open to everybody; health care practitioners and those who are especially interested in bridging science and inner experience (“esoterics”) may find it particularly interesting. Participants will leave with a deeper understanding of current findings in light biology, practical applications within experiential medicine using simple devices and preparations (not machines), understanding of mistletoe as an ‘anachronistic’ plant – turning common plant life upside down, especially with regards to light metabolism, and clarity between  ‘healing with light’” and ‘healing the light body’”. Additionally there will be reference to the  historic background to these found in Manichean and Cathar scriptures from 3rd to 13th century.

Raphael Kleimann (Oslo, Norway) is the developer of the Baldron MistleTree Essences. His daily practice integrates the transformational power of flower essence therapy and spiritual healing with science based counselling on detoxing, environmental medicine, healthy homes (“building biology”), light pollution and EMF shielding – besides keeping in touch with living nature thorough biodynamic gardening and treecare.
Raphael is a co-founder of the ILA-partner Nordic Light Association. His initiatives include several nonprofit associations within ecology, health and consciousness, first of which is  BALDRON – Dialogue and cooperation between humans and nature. He has organized countless international seminars and conferences – e.g. the international conference “Light & Health” and the summer week Spiritual Ecology  www.summerweek.baldron.org. He gives lectures and courses throughout Europe, in English, German, French and Italian, besides Norwegian.



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