Norway: Smartmeters to be brought to court

The rollout of the new AMS (automated measuring system) for power consumption has been going on in record speed so far, with a massive push by the power industry and backed by mainstream media and government agencies. Soon, in virtually … Read More

Russland: homeopatien reddet

Oppløftende fra Russland: Homeopatien er redded – leger og borger vant over Big Pharma og Vitenskapsakademiet Taking the speedtrain from St. Petersburg to Moscow, sitting in an ultra-modern, superfast wagon (produced by German Siemens 😉  )   I had a chance … Read More

Tyskland og EØS: Redd varmt lys!

Germany: Light sovereignty back to the people! Petition to save warm light. A leading businessman in the regional lighting industry in Cologne has teamed up with researchers in the field of natural healthcare and vital energies (Bildekräfteforschung). A petition has … Read More