Lecture and encounters to the biographical healing with the mistletoe flower essences at the doctors’ week in Roncegno @ Casa Raphael
Mrz 31 um 00:00 – Apr 7 um 00:00
With our new offer, we would like
to give you the possibility to dive into the soothing
Atmosphere of the Casa Raphael.
Experience the thermal treatments, as well as the effect of the unique Levico water and its
strengthening power

Monica Dalcason
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Andrea Diehl
Specialist in General Medicine and Anthroposophic Med. Private medical practice Andrea Diehl 
Phone: 0681 96 03 110 Fax: 0681 96 03 112 
IMPORTANT CONTACT DETAILS: "(...) I would like to remember how the Roncegno water or the Levico 
water through a good spirit is prepared, so many things To prepare forces in certain circumstances already in the extra-human 
nature, which in the human organism play a favorable role can ... 
as in this water in a very wonderful way the two powers of copper and of Iron are compensated against each other, and how then arsenic is in order to put this abating on a broader basis (...) " After R. Steiner: April 1920 Spiritual Science and Medicine Dear Colleagues, on behalf of Casa Raphael (Roncegno, Italy) may I welcome you Invite to our doctors' week in spring 2019. Here are the first important facts: OUR OFFER includes: 6 or 7 nights 6 thermal baths 6 inhalations 1 doctor visit + social program in the house 6 DAYS full board € 690,00 7 DAYS full board € 805,00 The dates of the thermal baths are included in the package and can not be changed. Not performed baths will not be refunded.Shorter stay does not result in a discount. Eurythmy therapy, massages and wraps can be booked on site for an additional charge. Relax with us Levico baths, Italian Kitchen with organic and bio-dynamic products.