Ostergrüße aus dem Osten – mit Blick auf die Sommerwochen 2017

Liebe Freunde, Kunden und Klienten! Wir wünschen eine frohe und vor allem auch friedliche Osterzeit!

Entering Jvari Monastery near Mtskheta, build upon an ancient Zarathustran holy site

Happy Easter, dear friends, customers and clients!

Celebrating new life and heart-resurrection has never been more vital than in these days of destruction, war-plays and media-deception. Marianne and Raphael are in Georgia until April 22, visiting the partner project “Momavlis Mitsa – Future Earth “. Thanks to our wonderful volunteers Erin and Kira, the shop remains open throughout the week. The webshop too, of course.
In Georgia you can have first-hand meetings with the remnants of old-fashioned Russian regional imperialism –  while the the rest of the world is witnessing (if they dare to open the eyes) the implosion of the European free societies in the service of hyper-intelligent war-propaganda.
May the resurrection of independant thought become the basis of a new peace movement –  like the “father” of modern peace research, Norwegian world-citizen Prof. Johan Galtung is working for.

In these times of confusion, even something as unpolitical as the Summer Weeks Spiritual Ecology can become an act of resistance against the “machine”: Focussing attention on the living, opening up or the language of beingness – and the wise cooperation of the European folksouls in history and landscape.

The urgency of our times has inspired us to put up our most comprehensive international event ever. Check it out! On our event site and on Facebook you will find a number of other initiatives … and more will come.

Peaceful Easter to you!

Marianne & Raphael



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