Christmas greetings – looking back … and forward to 2016

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Dear friends!


In 2015, many things settled in a new way in our little BALDRON world. It was a big relief when I (Raphael) in the midst of so many other engagements managed to round off my Masters thesis “The Immediacy of the Living” /  «Die Unmittelbarkeit des Lebendigen».. At the same time, this marked the beginning of a new chapter. Empathic food testing/ research on formative forces / Bildekräfteforschung has become a main focus for our research and practical work. Since then, we have organized a number of seminars and held lectures about empathic nature communication, inspiration walks, spiritual organization development and first-person meditation research. This work will definitely grow in the coming year, as you can see in our event calendar. (Pay particular attention to the international summer week in August).


Last yearBeeDynamic was born! Ingelins dynamic beekeeping grew into a school for practical-spiritual work for and with the pollinators. Since May, we have had regular weekend courses with outstanding international bee-specialists , the last the last one featuring Karsten Massei and Franziska van der Geest  in Advent mood, with our hands deep down in  our own beeswax. BeeDynamic continues to grow and will start with a new international training from Easter 2016 – now also in connection with Bialogos, the newly founded “Nordic Association for pollinators’ rights and buzzing social organisms». To develop this further will be one of our main projects in the coming year.


When we light Christmas candles, we can also think back of all the events dedicated to light in this past “International Year of Light”. The Nordic Light Association, which we co-founded last spring is growing. The conference in Tallinn was full of inspiration, and we’re looking forward to the next ILA conference in Vienna. There, our friend and coworker Renzo is invited to present his Biophoton Realignment Mirrors as he has done many places in Germany since autumn, including the renown health conference Medizinischen Woche in Baden-Baden. The mirrors stimulate amazing healing processes, no wonder so many groups of physicians, dentists and therapist invite Renzo to seminars. As we see it, this is part of a paradigm shift in healthcare, from symptom fixing to self regulation, and from matter to “the field”. As current research suggests, we are beings of light – in a very factual way.


For most people here in Norway, our BALDRON center is a place where you can call and get advice and help for health (including healthy homes). We have three telephone lines in our shop, and two at home.. and often they are ringing all at once. Packages are being sent out every day, with measuring and shielding devices for EMF, radiation protection, water vitalization, herbs… and more and more also our dear own flower essences (see below).


In the digital world, 2015 has been very challenging: we’ve been hacked and spammed all over and had to rebuild our websites / webshop several times. Thanks to our friends and helpers who have carried us through these hard times! Our new shop is working and will get even faster. The German and English shop, which had to be sacrificed on the way, are gradually growing again to their full potential.


We are especially grateful for the new turn in the development of our Baldron MistleTree Essences. They have been the hidden factor, the silent heart in all of our work for the last 15 years, yet until recently it was as if they were held back and protected from the outer world. This last year however, requests and therapeutic breakthroughs from many sides (including the International Flower Therapy Conference     World Flower Therapy conference) have changed this completely: the veil is being lifted, and we are asked to fully immerse ourselves in the development of the essences… After all this is what has given the name and deeper mission to our work: Baldron. BALDR from Balder, in Nordic mythology the God of Paradise-innocence and mistletoe; DRON from cauldron, the old Celtic word for bowl or grail. And that’s exactly what it is: mistletoe flowers in a crystal bowl with pure spring water. We are preparing for a year with inspiration, development, writing and designing around our “magical druidic potions”.


Pure spring water is of immense value, together with sun and earth and all that is living and growing. Our work with the Earth has many facets; from Earth Co-op ( to biodynamic gardening and eco-village projects. Marianne’s translation of their “School of Nature Spirits” and the forthcoming “Gifts of the Bees” by Karsten Massai belong here. To care for the living encompasses all beingness, visible and invisible.


Baldron continues to develop new buds in all directions, from a center where the sound human being finds itself in the heart of Earth. As our Norwegian motto says: Din helse – Jordas fremtid (Your Health – the Future of Earth). Healthcare is indeed deep ecology.


We wish you all peaceful and creative Christmas time. Every day in the coming Twelve holy nights is like an open door. Let’s open them and go in ….we may find deep healing and inspiration for sustainable action in the coming year



Yours kindly

Marianne and Raphael


PS. Here and here are our last two newsletters – somebody told us that they missed our on those.


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