BALDRON in the Woods

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In these days of spring it is a real pleasure to stroll down to the BALDRON store; Surrounded by keen chirping birds and scent of forests and flowers, it feels like a privilege. It was a long process to move from Fastingsgate, and for many of our customers it was a loss. We were the place in town where it was possible to come for the electrosensitive, a meeting place and a focal point. Fastingsgate became a place for meetings and inspiration – but for us the journey had to go further – into the forest and into the world.

Raphael has the schedule full of travel and seminars with the essences out to the world, where Renzo also goes with his mirrors. Both meet great interest and build their networks out there, together and separately. Marianne travels north to Tromsø, where she is busy building and running the Waldorf kindergarten, for a few days, every other week. Then we meet in the woods where BALDRON lives, and where Ingelin and Gioja hold the base.

Last weekend in April we had a visit by the carpenter Anton from Slovenia. We have a number of common acquaintances, and he has carved outfit for the Waldorf school and kindergarten in Ljubljana and the house of Marco Pogacnik. He came to us as a wwoofer this fall and helped us in the emergency when we were trying to build the shop in the rain and winds. Thanks to Anton we got the roof up – with a touch of SWaldorf to it. Now he returned for a weekend to make a roof over the door that he did not get in the fall. This time he was lucky enough to experience Syverudskogen in the sun!

At the same time, he helps us to make prototypes for the boxes for our essences. They are soon put into production – hexagonal wooden boxes, like small beehives. Then we are almost got to the harbor with our essences. There is a lot to be done: the equipment for making them, labels and books and essence cards in different languages. Currently, the cards have been translated and printed in Norwegian, English, Italian, German and Russian. The translations into Spanish, French, Danish and Romanian are soon done. The book is translated and printed in Russian and comes in new edition in Norwegian and German. A lot of work and a lot of helpers have been at work. And that means a lot! Now, soon, there are also boxes for the sets, both the big and the small ones. And the essences have got their own company in Germany beside our Norwegian BALDRON Essentials AS, and Nicole and Tom Rotzek are our good assistants who ship in the EU and keep track of inventory, economy and the soon finished online shop there.

The Essences traveling with Raphael to Russia in april – now with the Essence cards printed in Russian!


It’s amazing how it grows! That the essences will go out in the world now is quite clear. There is so much amazing about the essences of Raphael’s travels, it’s as though the long years of clauses have built up a driving force that almost runs out on its own feet. Perhaps the time is soon ripe to present them also in Norway, who knows. At the moment, it is enough to put your fingers in and much that will come into place. Exciting and joyful!

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