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Who turned the clock? The Three Easter of the Year 2019

Transformation, new life from the death of the old: Without an inner connection with the forces of resurrection, the present with its collapses is hardly bearable.

This is not only true for us humans: Nature also celebrates resurrection. And that, according to a wise institution, for about 2000 years always on the Sunday after the first full moon after the vernal equinox. – But in 2019 it’s different. Because people sometimes find conventions more “practical” than living rhythms, Easter is celebrated four weeks late, one month after the real full moon of spring. The astrologer Rozanna Sunday wrote a profound article.

You can read it here (in German).

For us it is also an occasion for lectures and seminars to integrate the “time gone mad” through perception and consciousness. Questions we will work with:

  • How and when will light, plants and animals deal with the real resurrection forces?
  • What goes on in our soul depths, with the one and with the other Easter?
  • And how can we consciously deal with this manipulation of cosmic realities?

The lecture on 8 April in Schwäbisch Hall will be followed by two half-day seminars on 13 and 14 April with meditative exercises and excursions into the Easter nature of the beautiful Hohenlohe plateau near Wüstenrot.

The three Easter 2019 give reason to investigate time as a healing life stream: First by clarifying some facts, then by diving into the perception together. And thus discover in the process: Time heals!


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