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Endangered species: Independant journalists

In these times of (media and military) mobilization against “dangerous Russia”, I probably have to justify myself for even travelling to Moscow….”aren`t you afraid”, I am often being asked.

And since the missiles are flying mofre quickly than the independent UN observers, the task of watching what really is going on cannot be let to official organs (let alone international law which is already routinely put aside). So where is the free press?


Here are some important “islands of free journalism” – vital to understanding the world today.

First of all: The Intercept, the most ambitious project for genuine courageous journalism in the west, founded by Glenn Greenwald.

And good to know that also in other countries, with very different political backgrounds and inclinations, new platforms for independent, investigative journalism are blossoming:

In many many languages, startet from the founder of peace research, Prof. Johan Galtung (Norway): https://www.transcend.org/tms/


Here for example with the discussion of the events in Syria: https://www.transcend.org/tms/2018/04/robert-fisk-puts-to-test-the-free-press-myth-in-douma/, concerning the independent reportage on the so-called gass attacks:



Also in Norway (but with clear political standpoint): www.steigan.no  https://www.derimot.no/

In Germany: www.heise.de

In Germany and in many other languages: www.free21.org , a non-for-profit project of independent journalists


By the way:

Here a master’s research on the «construction of reality»


Realitätskonstruktionen in the German resp. Russian news coverage:

http://www.nachdenkseiten.de/?p=42537 in the – as usually – thoughtful «nachdenkseiten» http://www.nachdenkseiten.de/


and another PS:

You don t need ot be clairvoyant to predict what is imminent in the next weeks:

Since the support for boycotting the football word championship in “dangerous Russia” is still not strong in the western publich (even though it was already loudly proposed in many media), you can expect one or more new “gas attacks” and the like – whatever helps to shift opinion. Let`s see what they come up with. Or rather: let`s see what WE can come up with in terms of awake consciousness to expose the sinister strategies – even before the missiles are flying again…


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