Brief Society BALDRON

Association BALDRON is a non-profit association whose purpose is to promote health, environment and research to inspire interaction between humans and nature. BALDRON is converted from a sole proprietorship to an Ideal Society in order to better safeguard the vision and goal of business, namely to create a basis for nonprofit projects related to health and environment.

Association BALDRON stands for information, research and networking, with BALDRON Academy as organizer of seminars, symposia and educational, as well as participation in public debate on relevant topics.

BALDRON organizes education in Building Biology and has taken the initiative to establish Norwegian Building Biology Association

BALDRON organizes education in Mijlømedisin by Dietrich Klinghardt

BALDRON driver BALDRON Centre in Fasting Gate, with open house counseling, testing and counseling

BALDRON every year a “El Symposium”. The Strata with Wireless Humanity, and in 2013 goes the fifth annual event held in October, with a wide range of skilled and renowned international scientists.

BALDRON arranged spring 2011for the first time an international research results about water, called “The future of water” 17-20.03.2011. The following year we repeated the success with WATER2012, a large landscaped symposium on Doga / Kuturkirken Jacob.

BALDRON organized in 2012 one LIGHT conference in Oslo, in cooperation with the international lysforeningen and as a new grip for a Nordic lysforening under the international umbrella.

Association BALDRON own BALDRON Helseforhandleren who conducts business with consulting and sales of health products; and BALDRON Therapy working to develop an own therapy network.

The commercial side of the business to serve the ideal goals by creating an economic base for non-profit projects. Academy activities aims to develop ideas through research, collaboration and networking.

Briefly, we have three product lines in our sales and consultancy:

EMF / RADIATION (see also

Specific product lines and services are:

El sensitivity (measurement, screening and treatment). Measuring Devices for high-frequency radiation and low-frequency electromagnetic fields; Main Supplier: Gigahertz Solutions, Germany.; Materials for protection against radiation; grants and therapeutic measures to offset the negative health effects of radiation.
Strengthening immunity via frequency therapy, based on Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve stimulation (TENS). Supplier: QuickZap,
Revitalisation of water
Therapy (oil dispersion: Jungebad)
Flower Remedies and Essential Oils
Diet Guidance
Therapeutic Treatment (Environmental Medicine by Dr. Klinghardt, Device Therapy by Dr. Audun Myskja, anthroposophic language therapy, Toning, Color Management (Photon Wave) mm.)

Our non – commercial part includes courses and seminars and research. Sales of products in our store represents a direct support to Jordsamvirket – an ideal enterprise for ecological agriculture, social projects and cultural exchanges between East and West Europe. Parts of the net gain on all products continued to Jordsamvirket projects: the Black Earth Fund model for sustainable communities in Ukraine (, or the innovative international pedagogical project “School without classrooms”, based in Russia ( ).