Spiritual ecology is contagious

Spiritual ecology is contagious The summer weeks spiritual ecology go into their fourth year –  and now they move towards east: to the White Sea, the place of the mysterious Solovietskij islands and the “Drotte” mysteries. Deeply connected to it, … Read More

Norway: Smartmeters to be brought to court!

The rollout of the new AMS (automated measuring system) for power consumption has been going on in record speed so far, with a massive push by the power industry and backed by mainstream media and government agencies. Soon, in virtually … Read More

Endangered species: Independant journalists

In these times of (media and military) mobilization against “dangerous Russia”, I probably have to justify myself for even travelling to Moscow….”aren`t you afraid”, I am often being asked. And since the missiles are flying mofre quickly than the independent … Read More

BALDRON TV on YouTube with major brushup, now over 50 films

BALDRON TV now featuring a.o.:   The Nature Spirit Festival , opening the 2017 Summer Weeks Spiritual Ecology https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLMTBWWwAmsvCbx72hwug_cUWlY1ix9Oc_ – and three new interviews with Raphael https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SD7VoOBp0Wk&list=PLMTBWWwAmsvDeBq4fbiD9W7y-vIy8JH2q

2017 – a Year of Change for BALDRON

Dear friends! In 2017 … … Baldron has got a new home, his own cottage on Årungen Lake;   … were light biology, pollution, quality, “wireless humanity” and the joyous development of a healthy environmental sensitivity our heart’s concern;   … Read More

Advent & Events

On the Advent wreath (a relatively young tradition of partly rosicrucian origin) there are four candles which are being ignited one by one; in the first week we honor the mineral kingdom, then come the plants, so our animal friends. … Read More

Summer week: Spiritual ecology

Download English flyer as PDF Download English flyer as JPG Download Programme Brochure here Methods of spiritual perception in Nordic nature With: Dirk Kruse, Dorian Schmidt, Frank Burdich, Manfred Schleyer, Christine Sutter   Summer Week “Spiritual Ecology” – What is … Read More

MistleTree Essences – an enlightening experience ? ;-)

Just returnd from 6 lovely days in romania, filled with lectures, treatments, consultations and wonderful meetings. Things are growing out there – thank you all young souls! It seems like my lecture on sunday on environmental medicine was enlightening –see photo … Read More


Vannsymposium har vært arrangert to ganger i Oslo – se her de vakre bildene og spennende foredrag fra “Water 2012” og foredrag fra Vannsymposiet 2011. Noen filmklips fra 2012 er lagt ut på på Youtube ved BALDRON TV .   … Read More

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