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5G synchronicity in Norway

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What a paradox! 5G technology, which has played a major role in the pandemic, is now really entering the homes of people, thanks to quarantine and boredom. In Norway, 5G was launched in selected locations (a.o. parts of Oslo) precisely on Friday 13 (!) (March) – exactly at the same time as the emergency measures. Maximizing the suffering, especially of children, the government decided that people should stay in the cities – not in the cabins, of which every “decent” Norwegian has one, somewhere in the mountains or perhaps by the sea. Obviously, that would be much too healthy, in the middle of nature, possibly far away from the nearest mobile phone mast. Maybe people would get out of control with their creativity and inner peace, between mountains and fjord, happily relaxed in the lap of mother nature, tied to the essential instead of the continuous stream of media scare-mongering?

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