Russia: Homeopathy successfully saved by civil society

Taking the speedtrain from St. Petersburg to Moscow, sitting in an ultra-modern, superfast wagon (produced by German Siemens 😉  )   I had a chance to read the train magazine. It mentioned that the Russian Academy of science had “finally come to the conclusion that homeopathy is  pseudo-science”.  The message was something like: a little late but not too late even the conservative Russians are dismissing superstition and spirituality… – and a law proposal was right at hand, trying to ban homeopathy (similar to what has happened in some Scandinavian countries).

Well, I checked it up on the Internet, and you can still read it everywhere.

But what Google doesn’t show you, is the follow-up: the protest of the civil society in Russia, spearheaded by thousands of physicians who have worked successfully with homeopathy ever since Soviet times. They managed what the citizens in the “liberal and open society” of Western countries are struggling to achieve: to stop the biased, big-pharma driven law proposal!

During my second trip to Moscow (April 2018), I learned  even more about the background: Soviet doctors had to document thoroughly what they did, so Russian homeopaths became “evidence-based” in quite a natural way. The accumulated knowledgebase   showed in all clarity how efficient homeopathy and natural remedies can work.

So in the end, the civil society and the parliament won. For now, homeopathy is saved. – or do you want to let the Russians tell you in their language: ?


Here is a document about the history of homeopathy in Russia:: , and here an outside view of an renown American homeopath visiting a few years ago:


Meanwhile, medical dictatorship is progressing on a global basis.  Look here the newest move in the United States.

Besides,  in the US, the list of killed doctors and researchers of efficient, natural cures keeps growing, sadly. Its at 89 now: Of course, google censorship resp. mainstream media`s “ministry of truth” denies it all. However,  I know personally physicians and researchers from the US who have known those killed colleagues and who confirm the scary list of victims.


What makes government officials and Big Pharma be so afraid of something that allegedly cannot even have any effect? Is it the fear of human beings taking charge of their own health and lives?

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