5G, Corona and the Earth in transformation – lecture with questions and discussion

Dear Mistle-Friends! This time it`s mostly in German…. But if our very first Online Seminar for the friends in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and not least the Netherlands goes well nest week, we can certainly offer another event in English (or … Read More

Call: Help with translations!

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Do you understand German or English, but speak another mother tongue? Do you love mistletoe flower essences and would you like to connect more deeply with them, especially with regard to the esoteric background? Maybe you have a little time … Read More

The Power of Silence

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Dear friends The effect of the starry world on the living has been proven many times by experiments in the meantime… In these days of silence/general pause (this is what Corona meant in baroque music …) you can try it … Read More

5G synchronicity in Norway

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What a paradox! 5G technology, which has played a major role in the pandemic, is now really entering the homes of people, thanks to quarantine and boredom. In Norway, 5G was launched in selected locations (a.o. parts of Oslo) precisely … Read More

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