3 phases, 3 steps – Looking back at 20 years with mistletoe flower essences

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Dear MistleFriends!

A week ago, Saturday 28 March 2020, was a special day. For the first time I was able to take my morning walk to the bees in the forest, to the cliff at the little brook, barefoot. There is still hoarfrost and night frost, but the morning sun in the ram (ethereal in the fishes), brings already a lot of warmth.

Also otherwise are special, solemn times. The first mistletoe flower essences were created in Dornach 20 years ago. My last lecture and seminar trip (Hamburg, Dornach) I was followed immediately with the long awaited trip to the Caucasus. It was a great success! In my suitcase on the journey home: twelve new mistletoe and flower essences, including such unusual specimens as Guelder rose, hawthorn, hazel and above all pear.

In the holy nights the year 2020 has announced itself, as with trumpets: Everything will be different, hardly one stone will remain on another – and it will go well, even if in dizzying proximity to the abyss! These perceptions – as indicated in earlier newsletters – have become more concrete and intensified around the time of the Saturn, Pluto conjunction on 12 January; now they are in the process of unfolding mightily also outwardly.

We are all being subjected to extreme tests in the process. I do not mean such funny details as this, that I was allowed to wait two days at the Moscow airport for the return journey and now I am in quarantine in my own hut, nor the prescribed “general break” (this is the meaning of the term corona in baroque music). I mean the lurking dangers of the current, enormously unstable situation: surveillance state and tyranny, compulsory vaccination (see the WHO’s connection with the pharmaceutical industry, especially the Bill Gates Foundation), the rip-off by the global players as in previous financial crises. And yet, if we are all awake and at the same time carry this vigilance meditatively with each other, supporting each other in the solitude of our homes, then the world can reconfigure itself completely from “zero point”, spiritually, politically, economically.

The beings of the mistletoe flowers want to help with this. As Professor Volker Fintelmann – the nestor of anthroposophical mistletoe cancer therapy – and Steffen Hartmann explain sensitively and convincingly in their meritorious book “Mit Widar Zukunft schaffen” (Verlag Freies Geistesleben 2019), the mistletoe is too deeply connected to the “Archangel of the North”, who waits in silence at the edge of the apocalyptic events of the Twilight of the Gods until his time has come, until he of all people, the silence among the gods of the oasis, can set foot into the dragon’s throat. This is the turning point of the Götterdämmerung, through which the new Earth is born again, woven from the best powers of mankind.

That time is now. Vidar time! Michael and Vidar work in a complementary way: Vidar has taken the place as Archangel that Michael left behind when he ascended to the spirit of the age. Michael goes forward courageously, he has a masculine gesture; Widar works. from the surrounding, from the silence, from the power of listening.

Exactly here lies the source point of the mistletoe force as a “medicine of consciousness”: the “Self in the Periphery” (by the way, the title of the very first BALDRON conference in 2004…). What is currently happening (and is to be suppressed with all manipulative methods of media magic and political defamation) is the awakening Vidar-uprising. In this way we can walk through the challenges of our biography with dignity and ultimately indestructibly.

A special task with regard to the mistletoe essences has been shown to me at the beginning of 2020: to research the rhythms of the biography which sound polyphonic together with the rhythms of the course of the year. This is an enormous research task, it has only just begun. Do any of you have perceptions about it? Please write them to me!

What we can record so far: The effect of the Mistletoe Flower Essences as a “Geo-Biography-Work” takes place in three stages, on three levels – which interestingly enough correspond exactly to the three phases of the previous application of the essences, only in reverse order:

  1. In the beginning we used them in conventional ways, orienting ourselves with the help of all the experiences we had with Bach Flower remedies, Australian and Californian Flower Essences etc. In practice, it was a matter of finding the right flower individually and taking it over a period of several weeks, according to the personal “theme” in the soul.
  1. Then, after 2012, increasingly from 2014, the dimension of the transformational work in the light body, in the aura, opened up. This is carried out “in real time”, so to speak. For this purpose, one takes an essence bottle in each hand and is led intuitively to the resonance points in the human sheaths (higher bodies), there, “where something is going on”, there where traumas, blockages, but also hidden potentials ready to unfold lie.
  1. Since October 2019 we have found the third and most spiritually penetrating method of geo-biography. The essences are placed on the ground in the well-known lemniscate heart form. Now you go – alone or accompanied by the attention of a therapist or a seminar group – in seven steps into the centre of your own biography and back into everyday consciousness.

Based on these experiences, this is now the ideal picture of a mistletoe flower treatment as a three-stage process:

First step: The complete circle of essences on the floor, I “walk” my biography. From birth to death and beyond, through planetary spheres and world midnight and back to the present.


Second stage: In a dialogical, “artistic” process with a mistletoe flower therapist I let the essences unfold their transformative potential in my aura. Nobody can foresee in advance how it will develop, everything happens in the moment, is improvisation – trusting in the help of the spiritual world (the client’s angel and body elemental beings enter into dialogue especially with the angel of the biographical companion, who in turn connects to the archangel of healing).


Third stage: After the transformation is complete, we ask: “Which essence(s) can now help to integrate the transformation process and accompany the client in everyday life with clarity and strength? As a rule we turn to the twelve essences of the “Circle of Life“; they are unsurpassed in their archetypal contours. From time to time, however, we also need the specific shades of the professional set, the “differentiated nuances”, the three times twelve essences from the Balder, Odin and Vidar set; or help from beyond the threshold, from the two times seven planetary essences or – and this happens increasingly often – from the Omega essences from the space of eternity.



Holy Week 2020 is unfolding right now, and with it the jubilee of that process from March 2004, which surprised us all, that rhythmically took place with the morning and evening powers of the seven days before Easter, and thus lifted the mistletoe flower essences to the level of biographical ego-exercise. Since then the Mistletoe Path has been a path with the Risen One, “per aspara ad astram”, through the shallows of human life to a new connection with the light world of the cosmos.

We cannot celebrate this birthday 16 or 20 years ago in an armchair or with champagne. On the contrary, in 2020 it will coincide with a dramatic transformation of the entire human race. And this is exactly what the mistletoe wants to help!

From the heart of the fresh, spring-like forests by Oslofjord



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