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5G, Corona and the Earth in transformation – lecture with questions and discussion

Dear Mistle-Friends!

This time it`s mostly in German…. But if our very first Online Seminar for the friends in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and not least the Netherlands goes well nest week, we can certainly offer another event in English (or French, or Italian, or…)

Now there is a lot to report.


Did you get the Easter newsletter? It’s very, very rich. Here it is again (below), and here online. The individual articles are linked to the full articles on our website, here:

as far as health tips and resources for a level-headed opinion are concerned, I look forward to additions and updates.



If you would like to stay in touch, then the following is useful:

– to “unlock” the BALDRON.com domain in the spam filter The e-mail addresses post@baldron.com and raphael@baldron.com are then automatically “approved”. (Otherwise, just release the e-mail addresses manually. )


You can also – if you wish – subscribe to the two (different) newsletters on the website www.baldron.org and in the webshop www.baldron.com. The fact that you (maybe) got the Easter newsletter is no guarantee that you will get the next one. It is only safe if you subscribe yourself. Especially if you consider the increasing censorship attacks.



The resurrection event is of course the main topic for me at the moment (including the rising and awakening of a growing number of people who will ultimately turn the monstrous attack on human dignity, freedom and health of mankind into a positive one).

As written in the article, and as some of you already know, mistletoe essences (“historically” and in their mode of action) are closely connected with the Easter events. And this is now being re-enacted, “updated” and developed further in this year of the great change 2020. The mistletoe essences want to help, now that help is needed everywhere. I am very grateful for any feedback (therapeutic as well as self-application)!



I would like to talk to you about all this. And as during the lockdown all lectures and seminars (we had more than 20 now in April!) had to be cancelled, then the only thing left to do is to combine

  1. a) an inner, meditative connection and.
  2. b) online tools, i.e. a kind of webinar.

This step was not easy for me, but now we’re going to try. (Thanks to the Dutch friends who insisted on finding a new solution after the cancellation of the course at the beginning of April!)

You are cordially invited to join! This coming Thursday and Saturday, if you now German. Otherwise show your interest by doing an early bird pre-booking for a future event in English (or French or Italian or…) here in the webshop. Let us try together how we can make the technique “transparent” for the essential. We will gather our experiences.

At worst, it can increase our empathy for the millions of children and teachers who are locked into digital learning these days…


See details below.



In this sense I would like to draw your attention to the film recordings of my lectures in Dornach (again in German language):

They are available as a DVD in the (very sympathetic) “Lecture Hall Anthroposophy“, together with dozens of other lectures by people much better known than me.

I have put an excerpt online, namely the last part of my lecture on 5G, which deals with the healing perspectives especially with mistletoe flower essences. You can watch it here, on Baldron TV.



Now a little detail about next weekend:

5G, Corona and the help of mistletoe flower essences

Online lecture and seminar with Raphael Kleimann and researcher friends


Thematic arc: From the abysses of contemporary events (5G, Corona) to the spiritual background and healing perspectives

Format: Semi-public, with registration, so that we can speak confidentially “among ourselves”. Lecture parts, questions, discussion, and, if interested in the last part, practical exchange.

Platform: “Zoom”. See www.zoom.com . Anyone can download this free of charge on their own computer.

Voluntary cost contribution (standard rate 10 € per unit or 30 € for the whole package)

Binding registration via our webshop; there you can choose a financial contribution depending on your choice.

In case you have questions about organization and payment:*

In the Netherlands: Yvonne Jonkers (yvonnejonkers@icloud.com)

In Austria: Ingrid Rasocha (ras.brg7@schule.at


Info: Baldron.org


*(On request, there is also the possibility to transfer to an account in the EU)


It is about three separate, but mutually reinforcing events:

Thursday night, April 23rd, 7:00 to 8:30 p.m:

5G, Corona and Earth Changes

Healing perspectives in times of transformation “


Lecture with question answering and discussion


The new standard of mobile technology not only means 100 times faster Internet – it is the cornerstone of a completely new data architecture: the “Internet of Things”, with “smart homes” and selv-driving cars, “smart” cities and satellites that enable online video enjoyment in every corner of the world.

In addition to the World Wide Web, the corona virus now also binds mankind together. The outbreak of the COVID-19 epidemic coincides in a striking way with the expansion of new mobile technology. Is this a coincidence or are there deeper connections here? What do you think about corresponding research? And in practical terms: How do we deal with both challenges together?

Finally, we also want to look at the big picture: What is the spiritual background of the Corona Crisis? What light are these shadows cast by? And what does Earth speak to us?


  • What are the perspectives for body, mind and soul?
  • How do we deal with the enormously increased and qualitatively novel radiation exposure?
  • Is resistance possible and useful? A global overview.
  • Fifth generation mobile radio and the new generation of children: How can this be tolerated?
  • Changes in the human sheaths / soul members and radiation exposure: is there a connection?
  • Shielding and protecting, healing and transforming.
  • Mistletoe Mysteries

Saturday 25th of April

The hour of the Mistletoe –

Healing perspectives in crisis and transformation


Two mini seminars


11:00 to 12:30:

Intro Seminar

  • Overview: The three stages of treatment and self-treatment.
  • The path of destiny and the creation of karma – walking, integrating, recreating one’s own biography (demo with the placement of the essences on the floor in the biographical circle with the new G-essence and the essence carpet)


3:00 to 4:30:

Practice Update

(for “old hands” and participants of the intro course)

The mistletoe in Corona times


  • Immunity as an ego ability
  • The opportunities of the crisis
  • Open sky, close to the abyss: balancing exercises and collective initiation
  • Stay with yourself in empathy
  • Synergies of natural medicine: essential oils, plant extracts, bath therapy, frequency therapy
  • Spiritual backgrounds: Vidar and Michael
  • Erd-Verbindungen, current information on the course of the year
  • Mistletoe essences and biodynamic preparations: possible combinations
  • Practical-pragmatic: the new distribution system; the new brochure, new fonts, translations


So far for now.

most sincerely



with all the good helpers in Norway, the Netherlands, Austria, Germany…

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