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Baldrons dimensions

3500 km and 16 years of experience 


When I came to the Oslofjord in August 2004, I was allowed to slowly get used to the dimensions of my beloved host country. A friend showed me like this: Take your elbow as the southern tip of Norway and your fingertips as the extreme northeast (a little east of the North Cape, but on the longitude of Alexandria and Istanbul!) If you turn the whole thing like a clock hand the south point, then the hand strokes successively over Iceland, Rome and Moscow. That’s how enormously long this country is! 

In the past years we also noticed it in the air travel: Marianne needs more than 2 hours to her projects in Alta and Tromsø, Raphael is just as fast in Basel or Stuttgart! 

Visits, courses and projects have now become permanent connections: Marianne leads the two northernmost Waldorf kindergartens in the world, plus a project is under construction in Vardø, at the far northeastern tip of Norway. (She nevertheless continues to run the webshop, and also the sales in the store in Vinterbro, via remote control, so to speak). 

Raphael has been permanently in Dornach near Basel/Switzerland since the summer of 2021. In this way, the collected extension of BALDRON has grown to more than 3000 km … (We don’t want to talk about Iceland and Moscow yet). 


So in this newsletter BALDRON events between Northern Norway and Switzerland are united, with some more in between.  

Online lectures and seminars will also be added. 

Welcome to an autumn full of light – despite all the external. From person to person the new life arises, and that is not to be suppressed. 


What is the future of BALDRON? 

Over the years we have always given our all to pioneering events or product innovations. Many have come to know us through the international conferences “Wireless Humanity – Radiation, Health and Consciousness”; Water Symposium; Light Conference (most recently in collaboration with the Nordic Light Association), and also three times “Summer Weeks Spiritual Ecology”, which are now being continued by our friends in Germany.  – Instead of conferences on a large international scale, we are now focusing on our own events. The time is in to create networks of thinking, courageous spiritual people. 

The new products we have introduced in Norway, including 

  • Shielding materials and peat clothing 
  • food supplements such as zeolite, moringa, aloe arborescens 
  • QuickZap frequency therapy 
  • Color therapy and screen glasses 
  • water whirlers and whirl showers 
  • Maunawai water filters etc. 

are all still available in the web store (at least in the Norwegian one…) 


Often the imitators “skimmed off” in sales when we were already on to the next project – and that’s perfectly fine. 

Building biology, light kinesiology and environmental medicine according to Dr. Klinghardt live on, and even more so Ingelin’s wonderful courses in spiritual beekeeping: “BeeDynamic”. 

But one thing will always be more in focus: The mistletoe flowers (including the MistleBee Essences)! Because these are needed more than anything else in the coming hard tests of humanity, now it is called to stand upright in the waves of fear of the global health / democracy / truth crisis, and still look confidently into the future. Nothing seems to concede more: Free press, rule of law, unbiased science, fair financial order, everything seems questioned. But through the dust clouds of the collapsing systems we can recognize the outlines of new forms of community: dialogical, agile, self-responsible, in harmony with nature and with the inner being of man! This is what the BALDRON motto “Earth, Health, Co-Creation” has always stood for – and now it is getting really serious. 

So now we are working on 3000 km from Vardø in the northeast via Vinterbro at the Oslofjord to Dornach in the Swiss Jura, and thanks to the now created translations of the brochure “BALDRON MistleTree Essences – Strength in Permeability” in seven languages – also to Rome and Moscow. 


See you here or there, digitally if necessary. 


Marianne, Raphael and the team in Vinterbro. 


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