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Tyskland og EØS: Redd varmt lys!

Germany: Light sovereignty back to the people! Petition to save warm light.

A leading businessman in the regional lighting industry in Cologne has teamed up with researchers in the field of natural healthcare and vital energies (Bildekräfteforschung). A petition has been set up to stop the next phase in the EU-wide ban on Halogen light bulbs. It aims at bringing the freedom of choice and the dignity of judgment back to people: let everybody decide themselves which lighting sources they want to use in their homes.

As with mobile phones, a new technology has been introduced without mapping the impact on health and environment beforehand. But now independent research is showing results: the first empirical studies have been published showing the dramatic differences between “warm” electrical and “cold” electronic (LED) light – on children’s abilities in school (concentration, phantasy, empathy) as well as on plants and food. These papers and a lot of other useful information can be found on the newly established website www.lichtfragen.info. – soon also in English language.

Do you want to help to keep light sovereignty and individual choice when it comes to the design of your home environment? Here is the petition to sign (roll down for English text):


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