Annonuncing our first online courses on Mistletoe, 5 G etc. – or: How to live with paradoxes…

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Living in paradoxes…For over ten years we have been submerging ourselves daily in the electromagnetic fields of the computer, precisely in order to bring education, advice and therapeutic help against electromagnetic fields to the people … Now in the corona times there is another new paradox: the media!

It’s just over a month ago that the idealistic film technician Martin Berg was able to persuade me to make two lecture recordings, both of which are now also available on DVD: 5G – healing perspectives (with a large chapter on mistletoe secrets, at the request of the audience), and the triad of light pollution – light biology – light inhalation, both in the Witzenmann Centre in Dornach, Switzerland.

I can warmly recommend Martins website as an online library for anthroposophical lectures (some also in English). – Here are some teasers on YouTube..

You can get a taste here on our BALDRON TV Youtube channel , namely the last part of the 5G-lecture: „the Mistletoe Mysteries”.

Yes, I like giving lectures, always out of the moment, always inspired by the encounter with the people in the audience. And now I should offer online lectures and seminars? Oh dear, that’s another big step.

So after all, it looks like we’ll be jumping into the cold waves of the WWW. The people (real ones, not virtual…) who have asked me to do this are a great help. So I will imagine talking to Yvonne and Marianne in Holland, Ingrid Sabine and Andrea in Vienna and all the other friends when I look into the camera in a few weeks’ time …

If you are interested, please register here without obligation, so that it is easier to plan (lectures or seminar, mistletoe, 5G (including pandemic), etc…; what do we want to cover?)

You can book a seat reservation free of charge via the web shop.


With mixed feelings and yet anticipation.

Sincerely, Raphael

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