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Norway: Smartmeters to be brought to court

The rollout of the new AMS (automated measuring system) for power consumption has been going on in record speed so far, with a massive push by the power industry and backed by mainstream media and government agencies. Soon, in virtually all Norwegian households there shall be a little “mobile mast”, sending and radiating strongly, every second, day and night.

As a consequence, we are receiving phone calls every single day from people suffering from headache, depression, sleeping disorders… most heartbreaking are all the stories from small children who cannot sleep, and who risk  permanent health damage.

We are ready to help with shielding equipment (most often, a canopy is the method of choice since it is usually impossible to shield the smartmeter itself in the fuse box); however, the real solution must be a political one. Happily, a lot has happened in the course of the last months. A former Science journalist from Norwegian State Tv has been the frontperson of the movement “Stop Smartmeters” facebook , and a retired chief researcher in Norwegian Telecom has led a relentless campaign to uncover the scientific truth about smartmeters and health. Now, the grassroots movement has collected enough money to bring the case to court. In other word: public administration must defend their aggressive rollout in a lawsuit.

The money for the lawsuit was collected within only few days!

See here the website of telecommunication whistleblower, researcher and campaign organizer Einar Flydal. https://einarflydal.com/

See here the Facebook campaign “stop smart meters“ in Norway



and the leader, ex-NRK journalist Ingriid Stella Oppbøen, in a debate https://tv.nrk.no/serie/dagsnytt-atten-tv/NNFA56030818/08-03-2018


see here corresponding information in English




documentary (english):


trailer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kXDFllquOMw

complete film:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R3g0P8iWnq0


The filmmaker:

“Our health, safety, freedom, privacy, and financial security are all at stake.

We believe that change only happens when we get informed and work together to spread the truth.”

Her are the most important links in Norwegian

Her er de viktigste lenkene om tema Smartmålere:









se her vår post på facebook om debatten på NRK dagsnytt 18, som vi kommenterte slik den gangen:

“Smarte” strømmålere avkledd på NRK dagsnytt! Se og hør snutten her (spol fram til 37:50 , det bgynner altså etter knapt 38 mintter) vi kan legge til at vi får kundehenvedelser hver eneste dag rundt helseplagene fra AMS / smartmeters. Hjerteskjærende! – Ja, vi hjelper gjerne med skjermingstiltak, og ja, det virker også. Men det er jo absurd at folk må beskytte seg fra slike overgrep fra nettselskapene og myndighetene!



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