Practical tips: Healthy and fear-free in times of Corona

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Immune competence is a skill that can be un-learned in anxiety and stress, but can also be rebuilt at will. Immunity means: Perceiving what belongs to me – and if necessary, sorting out what is foreign. Nobody can do this better than bees. Once a curious, honey-robbing mouse enters the hive, the bees set out to mummify it; hundreds of bees wall it in with propolis – nothing of the deadly cadaveric poisons can escape.

We should rely more on the bees. At a time when resistance to antibiotics is a growing problem in hospitals, the diligent helpers are willingly making their gifts available: Bee venom, propolis, honey are all highly antiseptic, and the scent and soft light of the beeswax candle… We are immediately immersed in the living. This gives us peace and confidence. Here an overview of the German Association for Apitherapy. And here are the next courses at




The plant world complements with its gifts. Here we can even rely on many medical studies, because the pharmaceutical giants keep studying the ingredients of the medicinal plants extensively in order to isolate and synthesize them later. – Among other things, there is good evidence with regard to viruses in: andrographiscistroseboswellialicorice root. (We have a few particularly good qualities in our Norwegian webshop, not only since the pandemic panic started; among others the best European cistus flower quality that has no leaves whatsoever. You can get it from different suppliers in Germany or directly from the manufacturer )

Many people may be surprised to hear about very successful treatments with technical devices:


– Baths with the oil dispersion device, which brings the healing power of essential oils directly into the blood through the skin, so to say. Ravintsara oil is probably the most powerful weapon. And don’t forget the mistletoe flower essence “Essence of the I am” and “Essence of Protection”, simply add to the bath water. It may be astonishing for some people, but it corresponds to experience: In the bath water – but without emulsifier; it just works as a dispersion with the special swirler – essential oils have a much stronger effect through the mouth. And it is also a pleasure!

Then the frequency therapyQuickZap PowerTube Switzerland is already a real magic wand! Malaria vaccination was not an issue for us when we travelled to Africa over 15 years ago. The device is well known for the treatment of Lyme disease (that’s how I got to know it myself), but the device is just as popular in other areas.

Even more amazing: the colored light therapy! The Photon Wave device activates the relevant areas of the brain in a targeted manner, and if you then place test ampoules of the substances or microbes to be detoxed into the light channel, most people immediately feel how the body reacts. Drink a lot and then quickly go to the toilet!

– Light and warmth are supportive. Both are contained in the infrared part of the light –
and are missing in the dead LED lighting. An infrared mat compensates for this, deep
under the skin. This has a relaxing effect and supports all detoxification processes.
There is also a separate infrared sauna – but with a little imagination the mat can be
used as such.

– Nutrition source number one is water. If it is alive, those who do not have access to spring water need nowadays devices that filter and revitalize the water. We follow the advice of our friend Willi Höfer from Wasserstudio Bodensee.

We have been selling filter and vortex systems for over ten years and have also brought international experts to Norway through two water symposia – what we now sell is the sum of our experience.  


In short:
there are many good filters, the best of them are those that offer the best value for
money. Maunawai is an outstanding example: it filters and vitalizes all in one, naturally
and without pressure – just like the living Earth with its many layers of soil does. We do
without aggressive-killing (reverse osmosis) and manipulative (Grander etc.) methods.
Devices that increase the pH-value of the water (water ionization) can be very effective
as a cure in connection with alkaline fasting or serious diseases – but they do not replace
the daily drinking water.


And then there is the spiritual level. We human beings with our will to live, with our hopes and fears.
The composer Torben Maiwald has written a beautiful, helpful document about this.(in German)
Why does it (or not) hit me? What remains of me when death seems to be lurking at the
next corner? What is my melody of life in the hectic roar of the world?

The mistletoe flower essences do not promise any symptom treatment. They always
address the “I” at the highest level of individuality. From this only sure point of view,
however, most things can be viewed, ordered and shaped. The newly won harmony is
transferred from top to bottom, so the physical well-being usually comes at the end, but
from deep inside.

Especially important now are:
Anxiety prophylaxis, stay in your own power:
Circle of Life 3: Essence of the I am
Circle of Life 11: Essence of Protection
If you have “caught” something, be it foreign energies, emotions or even viruses, then
the Transformation Formula is a great tool. Three essences in synergy (you don’t even
need to take them), combined with a specific practice. More about this on and especially in the brochure.


So we wish you quiet, healthy and inspiring Easter weeks!





Now it is especially good to have independent, factual sources.

Here is just a very small selection:



In the USA anthroposophical doctors are sometimes more radical than here…

here in an interview with the people of Collective Evolution, Ken Wilber – inspired and always with a good eye for the positive

  • And then the moral authority of Robert Kennedy junior (the son of the assassinated presidential aspirant). His main concern is the protection of children through vaccination education, but as a consumer advocate he touches on all the core issues of US dysfunctionality and the world situation in general.
  • Although Charles Eisenstein is not a medical doctor, he has good thoughts in this context


For the bigger picture:

warm regards from




We are really on track in this Saturn-Pluto-deep transformation of the world as we know it. Everything comes to the open. It’s painful, it’s scary, but it’ll go well in the end.

It appears to me, that the interconnection between us is the key. And while some people are working hard to document power abuse and media manipulation and others do scientific groundwork, still others concentrate on keeping meditative calm and focus on the good. All of these options are wonderful, and whatever you choose, your connections to everybody else who has a strong intention to work for life and freedom on earth, will bring it together in the best possible way.

You who don’t live in Germany (like myself) and even those of you who don’t speak German: may I invite you to still have a look at the German-speaking documents. We translated almost everything into English and Norwegian, but some of the linked documents are only in German language. It seems to me, that Germany is really the epicenter of the spiritual battle now waging for the future of humanity. A prominent lawyer has brought an urgent case to the High Court to save our Constitution – and her website has been immediately taken down. The waking is unstoppable. Vaccines are now used to record the biometric identities of all people; Big Brother merges with Big Pharma

Who didn’t know it: WHO is 80% privately financed, the biggest donor is (of course) Bill Gates. Here is the well-documented testimony of Robert Kennedy Jr., who, despite or perhaps because of the murder of his father and uncle, never tires of standing up for the truth.

The German chief virologist, the point of reference for all the scaremongering, is admitted to receiving payments from the Gates Foundation.

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