Wake-up call from Switzerland: The referendum on sovereign money

Switzerland: Only 5 weeks left to the referendum on sovereign money

With the bitcoin bubble bursting, and while government in several countries is suppressing cash in favor of digital money, it is time to discuss how we – the people – want to deal with money (this crazy little thing that engages so strongly). And the Swiss initiative for a referendum is in the frontline to give money back into the hand of people.

And besides being a wakeup call to THINK CLEARLY about an issue that each of us is connected to emotionally and physically, it is also a wonderful example of spirituality in practice. Do you know the main initiator behind the campaign? Some people in Oslo may recall the lectures in Oslo of Thomas Meyer, where he shared how in his life, campaigning for direct democracy (and now for Sovereign money) has always been linked to spiritual ecology, meditation and nature spirits.

Here is more about the referendum  https://www.vollgeld-initiative.ch/english/


in German




And here is more about Thomas Meyer http://www.thomasmayer.org/ .

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