2017 – a Year of Change for BALDRON

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Dear friends!

In 2017 …

… Baldron has got a new home, his own cottage on Årungen Lake;


… were light biology, pollution, quality, “wireless humanity” and the joyous development of a healthy environmental sensitivity our heart’s concern;


… Raphael gave lectures and workshops in nine countries (and five languages);


… In addition to her constant work on the customer’s telephone, Marianne has taken over the expansion of the Waldorf Kindergarten in Tromsø in northern Norway;


… the Earth Coop (www.freearth.org) has expanded its focus the Caucasus – while the biodynamic project Potutory in Ukraine continues to grow and prosper;


… travelling with the Baldron MistleTree Essences in Norway and across Europe, we try to spread “magic” in hundreds of treatments, i. e. initiate transformational processes, from emotional crises to serious illnesses. How many treatments our partner practitioners, doctors and therapists may have had, we cannot overlook. It is growing anyway;


… we have (roughly) published eight articles in six different magazines, and were portrayed, interviewed, filmed;


… we had the second opportunity to do the Summer Weeks of Spiritual Ecology, this time in the majestic mountain scenery of Jotunheimen (»Riesenheim«). (This year, we will push the border – geographical as well as our inner perceptive capabilities – further north to the land of the midnight sun!


… we had over 30 volunteers from over twelve countries visiting, from South America to Saudi Arabia; At the breakfast table German, French, English, Norwegian and Italian were gathered at the same time (so that Raphael could refresh his vocabulary on all sides);


… Baldrons work has finally come to Russia, where many people – not surprisingly – have a particularly deep understanding of the subject of light and healing, and where physicians working with naturopathy and homeopathy still somewhat manage to protect the healing sphere from the attacks of the pharmaceutical industry and legislation;


… together with friends and volunteers, we have translated resp. edited the Circle of Life of Baldron Mistletoe Essences in eight languages:

German, English, Norwegian, Danish, Italian, Romanian, Russian and Spanish (the latter should be completed by February);

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