Light + Darkness = Living Forms

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Long-awaited, Christine Gruwez has made her first appearance in Norway. Her lectures by invitation of the Anthroposophical society were very well received.

As her work as historian and philosopher keeps inspiring our understanding of the mistletoe flower essences, we have had several meetings, and now for the first time also at home in Vinterbro. It is as if new technique in healing and gardening are arising from a long forgotten past, like from the rose gardens of ancient Persia….

Yesterday I found myself spraying flower essences of mistletoe over the fields and garden beds in what might be called a process of “light breathing”. I am sure, we will be doing much more of this – also in connection with the biodynamic preparations. Central to the current essence mixture is the “resurrection essence” from the Volga River, co-created at our mistletoe intensive seminar in KoctpoM, o holy site in the “Golden Ring” north of Moscow, two weeks ago.

Read more of Christine Gruwez’s thoughts about light and darkness and becoming a contemporary.


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