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Russiske impresjoner

For andre gang var Raphael på reise i Russland med BALDRON MistelTreeEssensene. Denne gangen i Moskva og Kostroma, igjen fantastisk organisert av Daria Kuznetsova:

Flying into Moscow – Europs largest city. But here it is still rivers and lakes…











Just four months after my first courses in Moscow (and St. Petersburg) with the MistleTreeEssences, I was back now in April, right after Easter. Well organized by Daria Kuznetsova, with a highly motivated audience of physicians and therapists, I found an ideal basis for deepening the work with the flower essences.


But what a contrast to the courses we had shortly before Christmas! Leaving the capital with its 18 million people (by far the biggest city of Europe!) to the ancient holy city of Kostroma, at the Volga River, we were immediately immersed in a peaceful atmosphere and bathed in a mildly penetrating light of an unexpected purity and liveliness. The Volga flows gently in majestic calm towards Southeast, only at the banks many people are still out for ice fishing. All around is this intensely turquoise blue sky, of a clarity that I have never seen before. When Aristotle talked about the “crystal heavens” it is sad that he meant something far beyond earthly reality… Yet for me, I could not think of any other word to describe this vibrant, life-giving, mild and yet transformative quality above and around me. Add to this experience the water of the Michael-source, the church bells and the sublime songs in the monastery, the radiant light in the eyes of people … And you have the resurrection of life after a harsh winter as a direct experience. Something you “know” with your whole body and your whole heart, not something that you would have to “believe in”.

Easter in Kostroma: The ice on the Volga River gives way to a mild spring air.
Doesn t it remind of a stave church?
The famous “Feodorskaya” Icon
…and the “Kazanskaya”, which centuries ago plaid a key role in the liberation of Russia from foreign invaders.
The church bell and a listener.


Light carries consciousness. The flower essences bear witness of such inner realities.




The “Circle of LIfe” gathered with simple means. In Russia, improvisation is everything – and is done with love and attention.
Our course venue: The “profilacterium” – an anthroposophical children`s clinic, Connected to a medical center at the University of Kostroma. Handcrafted with love for beauty in every detail of the house…

Marina Rykina – equally professional as translator and as physician.



The Michael source and the chapel over it: Nearby we co-created the resurrection essence with the very earliest coltsfooot flowers.

The “resurrection essence” – co-created by the whole course group in Kostroma on Sunday morning, has already become part of the professional display of the mistletoe flower essences, bringing “light from the East” to whoever needs healing and biographical understanding. So good that such things can happen in times when the Western opinion makers – both political leaders and mainstream media – conspire in trying to make us afraid of Russia and the Russians. I am happy to see with my own eyes what is really going on in the European East!


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