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The water in the city – a dialog forum in the House of Literature

Water is a common good; What values ​​are important to us – and at what cost? What can we do hope to ensure availability and water quality in a growing city? We have invited a panel of dedicated people who work with miljøspørsmål related to water;

Tor Holtan-Hartwig (Oslo Elveforum), Bent Braskerud (NVE), JohnSteffensen (Water in the City / VAV), Trude Malthe Thomassen (Water Movement).They take up water in the city, the blue and green cities, roof gardens, Oslo’s rivers, ideas for the handling of rainwater at the extreme, just hope to name a few.

Several scientists from the Water Symposium (23.-25. 3) will help with comments and film provides an international perspective.Do we know what is actually done with the water in the city? How is it with our drinking water? How is the water quality in our rivers, streams, and in our kitchens?

Location: House of Literature
Time: Thursday, March 22, at 18-21


Download The Price of Water – Debate pdf poster. (Right click and Save Link As)

We invite you to a lively and engaging conversation:
Join us to celebrate the “water day”!

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